Momentary Rocker Switch | SPDT Momentary Rocker Switch

Momentary Rocker Switch offered here is a SPDT Momentary Rocker Switch (single pole dual throw). Our Momentary Rocker Switch is shown with a winch image that lights up with a Red LED when the rocker switch is pressed on.

The LED will not show lit when the Momentary Rocker Switch is toggled to the off position.

What you should know about your SPDT Momentary Rocker Switch:

The Momentary rocker switch has three positions – On/Off/On Momentary
The LED on the this SPDT Momentary Rocker Switch is RED
The symbol of the winched will light up in the RED when you’ve toggled the Rocker switch to on or on momentary
We recommend using insulated, 1/4 inch female quick disconnect terminals (not included)
The Momentary Rocker Switch shown here includes only the SPDT Momentary Rocker Switch. Wiring and relay are not included

Rated 20 AMP / 12 Volt
The SPDT Momentary Rocker Switch body is 1.25 inches H x 75 Inches W x 1.5 inches D
We can ship your Single po


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