20 Inch LED Light Bar | Southern Truck

The 20 Inch LED Light Bar you’ve been hearing about is here. Southern Truck has the 20 Inch LED Light Bar at the best price with free shipping


Mini Light Bars 20 Inch 54 Watt | Led Lights | Led Light Bar | Lifetime Led Lights

Our 20 inch mini light bars are perfect for those areas where you just can’t fit a larger light bar. The mini light bars are great and easy to hide behind racks, bumpers and grills. You will be shocked when you see the amount of light output you get with these 20 inch mini light bars. ┬áThe use of the 3 watt CREE LED chips give you the quality you want and deserve while our Lifetime Warranty gives you the piece of mind that your mini light bar will perform perfectly.

3 Inch Square LED Light 30 Watt | Led Lights | Led Light Bar | Lifetime Led Lights

Our 3 inch square LED lights with 30 watts of LED power are one on our most popular items. These square LED lights are waterproofed to IP 67 standards and give you over 3k hours of life.  The beam on these 3 inch LED lights can be spot or flood pattern depending on your needs.

6 Inch LED Light Bar 18W CREE | Led Lights | Led Light Bar | Lifetime Led Lights

Our 6 Inch LED Light bar with 18 Watts of CREE LEDs are on of the most popular LED light bars we carry. The power of the 18 Watt of LED lights come from 6 high intensity 3 watt LEDs and give you 1400 Lumens. The 6 inch size lets you put these light bars just about anywhere.With the IP67 waterproof rating you can install this 6 inch LED light bar behind your bumper or along the body of your ride and know that this LED light bar will keep you lit no matter where your adventures take you.

RGB LED Light Bar 20 Inch 120 Watt | Led Lights | Led Light Bar | Lifetime Led Lights

Check out our RGB LED light bar and it’s unique abilities. This 20 inch RGB LED light bar has RGB chips inside, this let’s you customize the color of the backlight in the 20 inch LED light bar. But that’s not all! You control the color combinations, brightness and flash rate all from the available Bluetooth app! Now you can sit back and enjoy the control you have over this amazing RGB LED light bar.